Facilities Management

If you are responsible for the management of facilities, you are also responsible for a fire risk assessment. It is essential that a fire risk assessment takes place quickly to ensure you are complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order regulation.

Facilities Management Sector Fire Safety

Regular servicing and maintenance of fire control and prevention systems in your facilities is a legal requirement. Those responsible for the facilities are liable to ensure that fire control and prevention systems across their facilities are working as they should be. It is important that your fire control setup is regularly maintained to ensure that it would work effectively if there was a fire in your facility.

Regular maintenance of the fire control systems that you have in place offers peace of mind that your solutions would work correctly if they were ever needed. We are completely trustworthy and transparent, creating informative reports that can be used to verify that your fire control and protection systems are all operating correctly.

We have the extensive experience and knowledge required to create compliant fire safety solutions in all facilities. From mechanical fire and smoke control to passive fire protection, we have the accreditations to demonstrate that we are capable of helping you protect your facilities comprehensively. Onyx Services Group is accredited in all three third party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes. This means we are capable of installing and maintaining fire doors and fire stopping systems in a wide range of facilities such as sport halls and stores.

Our Experience

Since the founding of Onyx Services Group in 2008, we have worked with facility management businesses to guarantee that their facilities abide by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Since our inception, we have built strong connections with facility management specialists and still complete projects for large amount of our first clients.

Onyx is accredited in all three third party BM Trada Q-Mark Installation and Maintenance schemes (certificate number 1145). Our certifications show that we are capable of fire stopping installation, fire door installation and fire door maintenance in buildings managed by facility management businesses. Additionally, this means that we understand how passive fire protection affects compartmentation in buildings and deliver projects with maintaining the building’s fire strategy in mind. At the end of projects, we provide facility management businesses certification to demonstrate that installed fire protection systems meet regulatory requirements.

Facility Management Fire Control and Prevention

A site survey carried out by a competent person (such as the Onyx Services Group team) offers you a clear view of the requirement for fire compartmentation design for the facilities that you are responsible for managing.

The installation and maintenance of fire control and prevention systems in all facilities is essential to follow regulation and ensure the safety of anyone who uses the facilities.

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