University of Huddersfield

AHU efficiency monitoring and improved filtering at the University of Huddersfield

  • Size: 100,000 sq ft
  • Location: Wakefield
  • Project start: 2020
  • Project finish: 2024
  • Value: £16m.

Onyx Facilities Services won the contract to monitor the efficiency of 88 AHUs at Huddersfield University to determine each unit’s efficiency and recommend remedial action. Through use of magnahelic gauges and monitoring equipment, our engineers measure each unit’s positive, negative and differential pressures.

As part of the service, Onyx regularly replace the filters for each AHU and install magnehelic gauges where there are none so that a complete monitoring solution is in place. Prior to each install, Onyx engineers carry out a specialist clean of the AHU so that filtration is effective and no airborne dust hinders performance.

Each install is recorded onto a common system shared with site management to keep track of where each filter is in its lifecycle. Readings are also recorded and assigned to each filter install so that unit efficiency is constantly monitored and maintained.

Our powerful reporting and asset tagging software ‘Zeta Safe’ keeps everything stored on the cloud, alongside our client login this shows accountability throughout the contract.