Brighton & Hove Council Buildings

Bi-annual PPM service for Brighton & Hove City Council Buildings of Benefit to Residents

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  • Location: Brighton
  • Project start: ???
  • Project finish: ???
  • Value: ???

In 2012, Onyx was awarded the contract to carry out a six monthly PPM service to the rooftop fans over 100 council high rise blocks.

This service includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting each rooftop fan as required to increase their lifecycle, efficiency reduce the risk of failure. It was discovered upon appointment of the contract that the existing fans were very old and had not been properly maintained in many years. Many of the fans had been disconnected and were not even in use. This was then rectified and a full condition report of each unit was generated with immediate remedial actions outlined. This gave the Council a full overview of the state of their rooftop fans and action was quickly taken to rectify the many issues the fans had.

As the PPM contract developed it was apparent that the majority of the Council block rooftop fans required modernisation in order to adequately serve each Council tower block’s tenants. The Council enlisted Onyx to undertake the complete regeneration of toilet extract systems across various blocks. This involves replacing the existing rooftop fans with new, cleaning the main risers to TR19 standards and accessing each tenant’s flats to replace, clean and service their toilet extract grilles. Air flow readings are taken before and upon completion of project to demonstrate the increased efficiency of the new system and to ensure each building is compliant with current regulations.

This modernisation project, along with the 6 monthly PPM service has been to the benefit of the Council’s residents who inhabit their tower blocks. They now live in compliant and healthy building. Gradually, every Brighton and Hove City Council tower block will undergo this modernisation and Onyx’s presence in Brighton and Hove will continue to flourish.